Twitter Apps API: frustrating experience.

February 24, 2015

I am trying to set up automatic cross posting of my blog posts announcements to Twitter. You gotta go through app creation mini-hell for that.

Shit #1: Instead of making sure I type in url in correct format, with http, they throw an error in my face after hitting submit button. I guess they didn’t hear about checking and providing tips for those things on the fly. Heck, they could just at least put straightforward text ‘Use HTTP prefix here, motherfucker!’.

It’s these kind of small things, piled up, that make your User Experience bad and lessen your opinion about the product and brand.

Shit #2: I got a bunch of troubles with actually authorising my cross posting plugin to post to my Twitter. Because they require you to enter some stupid callback url for any of that shit to work.


Well, fuck you too, twitter.


Written by: Ramsoon



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