Toilet icons

September 17, 2015

Get ready for Artemiy Lebedev style post about real-life iconography.

Today we will talk about toilet icons. Toilets are important in our lives, because -yes, thank you Captain – we need to piss and shit daily.

Well, this is the design that you should not use for the toilet icons:

This triangle-style icons are total shit for indicating the genders. They are not easily readable, you have to think for a second which one you need. When you see any kind of this triangles, your mind thinks skirt in both cases!
This is the design that you should use:

In this case you easily see where a woman is and where the man is, so you don’t fucking embarrass yourself!

Note that we are talking here about generic utilitarian design and not the custom toilet sign design that you can find in theme-designed places like bars, hotels and hipsta offices. In those cases little confusion can be justified by artistic and humorous value.

P. S: Yes, you guessed right. I walked in  and used the wrong toilet. It’s actually good to be a little dumb and slow to do service/experience design. :)

Written by: Alexander Tazh



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