I just want to get account and buy an app!

February 28, 2015

Oh my god, this is retarded, you can’t have certain country as your AppStore version of choice and payment card of a different country.

I even tried to first select Finland and entered the payment info.

Then I tried to change it to United States, but the moment you do that, it makes you enter the card info again, and you can only have USA address for it.

Update: and then after all the hell, I get this! Aaaaaaaargh!!!

Update 2: fuck!!!! Are you fuckin. Kiddin me?

And overall Apple ID creation process is extremely hard and annoying. God damn, it shouldn’t take you half an hour to do this!

Lastly, requiring Password every fucking time I want to get some app is super ridiculous!


WTF, Apple?!!!!!!!!!

Written by: Alexander Tazh

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