House is danger

February 23, 2015

Here comes the new portion of nagging, guys! Excited yet?

Well, I am. This one has been on my mind for years. Time to spit it out.

Why the fuck is it the norm that our furniture is made to kill us?

demotivation.us_NOTHING-MAKES-YOU-MAD-MORE-Than-hitting-your-pinky-into-a-piece-of-furniture.-_134217833532I mean, really, why is it all made from hard materials like wood and steel? And with straight angles, most of it.

How many times have you banged your toes against those motherfuckers?!

kogda-udarilsya-mizintsem-nogi-ob-tumbu-B5c4cDHow many times have you banged your elbow on the corner of the table, right in the nerve synapse?!

And what a nice environment our ‘normal’ living spaces are for babies, right?!

Why the hell do we have all those 90-degrees corners in the house, sticking out here and there, made of concrete. The walls are also made of concrete, mostly.

Well, I told you this world is shitty and everything wants to kill you.

I had this idea of silicon-based big colorful wrappers you can put on everything in your house, especially furniture legs and corners, for years.

Luckily, relatively recently, those kind of products started to appear on the market.

Here are few of them. This will help you get started with self-protection against Illuminati designed and carefully executed extermination.

I would say this problem is now solved. Congratulations, people, we improved the world a little bit more.


Written by: Alexander Tazh



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