Google Anal.

February 23, 2015

Good: You know, Google has some awesome products. And they are free. They provide Premium User Experience, as they put it, and it’s true for many products, like Google Maps, Google Drive. Those are some superior products, indeed.

Bad: But sometimes, it seems that some of their interfaces were created by some retard. New Google Analytics is one of those.

  • Super unintuitive
  • You can’t ever find the shit you need
  • Can’t delete your old websites, that you are not tracking anymore. This is particularly why I am posting this nag.

Google, you need help? Ah no, you only hire people with PhD. :)

Google Analytics

Where is the delete? Where is the fuckin delete, Google?

Update: No more questions, I think this beautiful face made the Anal. interface.

Google Analytics Official Website – Web Analytics   Reporting

Written by: Alexander Tazh


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