Don’t make me worry about all this shit please, it’s 21st century!

March 4, 2015

Yeah supposedly it is the age of rapid progress. Super high tech startups popping here and there. People are trying to solve minuscule problems with their projects, innovations…

World, please tell me then, why do I have to worry about this shitload of things:

  1. Keys
  2. Wallet, money
  3. Drivers license
  4. Passport (in case of Russia even 2 of them)
  5. Document for a car (aka tech.passport, I don’t know the proper English term for this)
  6. And many many more documents, fucking papers

Before you leave the house, you need to find and take so much stuff with you!

You have to keep and organize a bunch of other documents: medical, documents for property of different kinds, educational, etc. etc…

Why can’t we just use one fucking card for all this?

Yes, one simple card would contain money, ID, keys, and other essential documents!

There can be problems with security and privacy, but what are heck, with current ways of doing things we carry those risks as well!

Do you agree with this?

Written by: Alexander Tazh


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