Disqus: Why do you force me to register?!

February 23, 2015

I am trying to install a commenting tool that wouldn’t require people to register. I tried Disqus. Seemed like a nice tool. And free.

But, here it was, the Bad #1: Disqus requires you to register to comment.

Dear Disqus guys, I will reveal something for you: People hate registering to drop a little comment!

So I went to settings and enabled the guest commenting.

Then I tested a couple times that guest commenting with no luck – it kept giving me those annoying red requirements to authorise myself.


Only on third time I noticed that there’s the a liiiitle checkbox underneath the red madness, that I need to tick to finally be able to leave that piece of comment.

Well, Disqus, guess what, 70% of people who wanted to comment would already leave my website, annoyed. They wouldn’t even be able to see that stupid checkbox.

How it should be: If guest posting is enabled, it should be the selected option by default. Throw captcha in there, it is less annoying to enter it, since it’s just one input field and you don’t have to think and guess – you see right there in the captcha picture what you have to enter.

Bad #2: Although I am already logged in to Facebook on my system and Cookies know about it, disqus plugin does not recognize that.

Just let me comment! Please, Disqus, please, I beg you!

Just let me comment! Please, Disqus, please, I beg you!

Bad #3: After pressing Login with Facebook, they require me to authorise / create account in their system, to come up with password. Jeesuz Christ, I just wanted to drop 5 words comment to the post, remember?

Same shit would happen for Twitter and G.Plus, I assume.

Verdict: UNINSTALL, no disqussion!

Written by: Alexander Tazh



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