This world is not just imperfect, this world is shitty.

Hey guys!

I am the kind of person who always notices the faulty things in the world. And sometimes knows how to improve them.

Here is I and my partner, nagging and working on this website.

Here is I and my partner, nagging and working on this website.

There are so many imperfections and just straight forward stupid shit:

  • badly organized services
  • stupid laws
  • crappy devices
  • websites and apps with awful usability
  • furniture that wants to destroy your tows
  • agonizing bureaucracy
  • and lots, lots more other shit

So no wonder people go live their lives in WOW and Dota (which are also, of course, not perfect).

But – and yes, i am not bullshitting you – I am a positive fella and usually don’t let myself nag. It is not good for your life spiritually and the last handful of people would stop hanging out with me, if I would be nagging all the time, I think.

Anyway, my point is: I decided to turn this negative shit into a positive direction.

By the way, good job, you noticed, I use the word SHIT a lot.

I decided to open this blog, where I am going to nag about different things, and propose solutions if I can. Also I will post about things that are done right, sometimes.

I’ve been doing user experience and graphic design for over 10 years. So I know a little bit about usability of digital products.

I have studied and had some experience with service design, as well.

Most importantly, I have a great taste for good life and know how things should be done. I also hate bragging and love irony.

Also, when I was creating this blog

I thought “Oh what the heck, lets make it a community blog and whine together!”

So yeah, feel free to submit a relevant post.

I have a great desire for our human-influenced world to be actually tailored to people.

Let’s share our whining and solutions with the world to improve it a little bit.

I am Alexander Tazh, you can learn more about me at my personal website alexandertazh.com

I am going to post mostly in English, because I want my precious thoughts to be available to more people and I travel quite a lot, but hopefully I will also set up this website for my dear native Russian language in the near future.